Free Stuff in Flagstaff, AZ

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Large 52 inch screen TV. Older model. Has no picture needs repair. Free no delivery.
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Box springs, mattress and frame. Will need more than one person to carry the mattress at pick up.
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Download Free plans instructions and to scale pattern. Free Chaise plans include: Tools List Material list Assembly Instructions Print To-scale patterns Build and Enjoy your di Lounger DIY project. Then tell us what you think of it. Plans instructions and print to-scale patterns download page. http://www.dannydanieldimauro.ca/dilounger.html Print to-scale pattern assembly instruction video. htt...
Free metal will need truck and trailer 6024230489 pat
DIY chaise lounge recliner free to scale plans. Download Free plans instructions and to scale pattern. I designed the di Lounger because, Build it yourself outdoor Chaise Lounge Recliners are Abundant. Complicated Not Appealing Outdated and Lack that Certain je ne sais quoi of the era. A Modern Unique Simple to Build It Yourself Outdoor Chaise Lounge Recliner, Capturing the Essence of a DIY Cha...
Good working condition; self-cleaning option. Also has detachable Teflon cover for iron surface.
Moving boxes and paper.
~30 each of styrofoam cups and rectangular compartmented plates. Also ~15 plastic cups with "Happy Birthday" message.
Two expired, but unopened packages of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix (16 oz)
Free used moving boxes of all sizes, and some refolded moving paper (24 x 36 in).
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