Solex P40-II job lot, we are clearing out all of our Solex carburetor cores to make room for new inventory. This job lot includes, but is not limited to the items listed below; 12 Solid Shaft bodies that have been stripped ready for processing 1 Pair solid shaft cores, still assembled 12 split shaft bodies that have been stripped ready for processing 25 carburetor tops, processed, (cleaned and ...
Brand new. Was going to go on my husband's 05 dodge ram 2500
I have the pass side in the photo for example.. I want to buy the vinyl pieces in the same off white/grey color for the drivers side.. I will also buy the panel cards separate if your vinyl is thrashed those can be from either side, pass or dr . show me what you have
8$ each shipping is x-tra see pictures for condition
early seat cable lever long style 15$
20 wheel lugs 4 are theft detouring locking bolts &1 driver tool.. ball seat I think its 14x1.5 thread I will confirm if ur interested let me know 40$ shipped cont usa
install these with your new head liner 50$ obo shipped conus
new in the box comes with every thing to hook up 20$ shipped conus
70's removable 8 track player 30$ +shipping
early license plate light, nice shape no crashes some small cracks on the bulb cover, bulb included, all four studs& nuts. 50$ shipped conus

fuel tank

boiled out ,bead blasted, coated with p0r-15 outside & inside restored with por tank sealer new fuel screen& bung. 200 + ship fuel sender&cap are no good they just keeping the dirt out. p0r-15 can be roughed to prime & paint any color you want or leave it as is p0r-15 isnt uv rated so its shine will fade over time. its just dusty from being outside in arizona
slider brand interior light, nice plastic some discoloration, strong chrome.15 shipped cont usa
ash tray with receiver.. 13 shipped cont usa only black& chrome ashtray is sold
good parts column ,or restore... housing is not cracked ,shaft slightly bent, key set turns rough& key wont come out, no electrical portion to the key ,turn signal arm broken.. parts or whole let me know what you need..
nice right side turn signal ,good chrome & nice lens no cracks ..50$ + ship
trunk handle/lever w seal, for a t-3 20$ shipped conus
heater valves for early heater boxes 50$ shipped con us
nice door sill ,no corrosion on the carpet side, some small dents , no clips included with this one..35 shipped conus
general goodies 5$ buyer pays shipping
ground cables battery & trans used but still in good condition 5$ ea. buyer pays shipping.
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